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KILAF - Kano Indigenous Languages of Africa Film Market & Festival 2018

The 2nd Kano Indigenous Languages of Africa Film Market and Festival (KILAF), being organized by Moving Image Limited, is scheduled for 27th October to 2nd November, 2019. It is an event that is mainly focusing on improving the growth and development of African filmmaking enterprise within the continent’s context.  Hinged on the philosophy of ‘Africa First,’ the event promotes and market African content within the global entertainment ecosystem. The event is scheduled to hold at the prestigious Bristol Hotel in the ancient city of Kano-Nigeria featuring competition on African Indigenous languages’ films, their screenings and marketing exhibitions. There will also be master classes on Pre-Production, Production, Post Production and Distribution/Marketing/Exhibition. Equally, there will be a workshop with the theme: Improving Content to Create Global Market.

We expect to attract many participants from across the African continent, Africans in diaspora and content marketers/distributors/exhibitors from around the globe. We specifically wish to draw your attention to the workshop session that will attract paper presenters from both practitioners and those in the academia. The papers will be subsequently published. Hence, we are hereby calling for abstract paper submissions from all interested persons. The closing date for submission is 18th July, 2019.


  1. All legal clearances including, but not limited to, talent, music or stock/video footage are the responsibility of the filmmaker. And that, KILAF reserves the right to use clips or still photographs from any film selected for the festival publicity.
  2. The deadline for competition entry is 25TH September, 2019.
  3. Year of completion must be between 2008 to 2019.
  4. Films for premiere at the Kano Indigenous Language Film Market and Festival (KILAF) must be completed by 2018/2019.
  5. Entries accepted for exhibition at KILAF will not be accepted on DVD or Blue-Rays discs. Rather, will be requested to submit copies in these formats: HDCAM, Digi Beta, DCP or Apple ProRes formatted digital file.
  6. All entry films must be sub-titled in English.
  7. All entries must include:
  • preview screener
  • completed entry form
  • a press kit
  • a credit list


KILAF - Kano Indigenous Languages of Africa Film Market & Festival 2018

We believe you deserve a platform to celebrate your excellence and professionalism in the art of filmmaking; and especially, for your ‘Africa First’ sense of choosing to tell your stories in an African indigenous language. The KANO INDIGENOUS LANGUAGES FILM MARKET & FESTIVAL (KILAF) is a veritable platform that is ready to avail you and your film an opportunity to emerge, shine and make a statement at the global arena.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my film qualifies for the festival?

The only way you can know about whether your film is eligible for this contest is when your movie has been assessed by the Preview Team of the festival you will be notified accordingly.


The major stakeholders of this festival are African indigenous language filmmakers, exhibitors, distributors, academics, broadcasters, public and private sector.


You can register by visiting entry submission link on the menu bar; Click the link below the description and submit your movie via film free way.


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