Participation Categories



1. Competition entry  
  • Feature film
USD50 or NGN equivalent
  • Short film
USD30 or NGN equivalent
  • Documentary
USD20 or NGN equivalent

2. Workshop Registration

  • Students
USD10 or NGN equivalent
  • Normal
USD25 or NGN equivalent

3. Master Classes: Sub-Theme – Team work makes the dream work.


a. Pre-Production Class:

Meant for: Producers, directors, scriptwriters, production managers, production assistants etc


  1. Scripting for a targeted audience.                      
  2. Storyboard to enhance quality of storytelling.
  3. Budgeting (money & time) without compromising quality.
  4. Raking with a view to enhance the story.
  5. Production Management Techniques.
USD200 or NGN equivalent

b. Production Class:

Meant for: producers, directors, actors, cinematographers, grip, production designers, etc.


  1. Working with the director.
  2. Working with the artists.
  3. Working with the crew.
  4. Creating the correct production atmosphere.
  5. Acting for the camera.
  6. Adding value to the process both individually & collectively.
USD200 or NGN equivalent

c. Post Production Class:

Meant for editors, directors, sound engineers, etc.


  1. Digital editing
  2. Scoring music
  3. Sound engineering
  4. Visual effects
USD200 or NGN equivalent

d. Exhibition, Marketing & Distribution:

Meant for content owners, exhibitors, marketers, distributors, film agents, film attorneys, etc.


  1. Maximizing benefits at the exhibition circuit.
  2. Marketing plan that works.
  3. Making the most of new distribution forms (VOD, YouTube, Facebook etc.)
  4. Exploiting the digital broadcasting frontiers.
  5. Monetizing content effectively and efficiently.
  6. Broadening the market-base.
USD200 or NGN equivalent
4. Exhibition Booths are available as follows:  
  • 3x2 (6sqm)
USD500 or NGN equivalent
  • 3x3 (9sqm)
USD600 or NGN equivalent
NOTE: All payments can be made in United States Dollar (USD) or the Nigerian Naira (NGN). The payments are to be made into either of these accounts (forward evidence to
NAME        Moving Image Limited Moving Image Limited
NUMBER   5070742324 1015431216
BANK         Zenith Bank PLC Zenith Bank PLC


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my film qualifies for the festival?

The only way you can know about whether your film is eligible for this contest is when your movie has been assessed by the Preview Team of the festival you will be notified accordingly.


The major stakeholders of this festival are African indigenous language filmmakers, exhibitors, distributors, academics, broadcasters, public and private sector.


You can register by visiting entry submission link on the menu bar; Click the link below the description and submit your movie via film free way.


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