Any arrangement to facilitate securing entry visas for participants?
  • The festival enjoys the support of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs that has graciously agreed to facilitate securing entry visas for KILAF participants.

Any charges for participation?
  • Yes, there are charges as per the type of registration. Please refer to the details provided in the REGISTRATION CRITERIA.

Any partnering hotels offering discounts?
  • Yes, there are partnering hotels. Inquire via infor@kilaf.org.ng

Any prize money for winners?
  • Yes, there is prize money for Best Feature, Best Short and Best Documentary. Also, certificates will be given to all nominees and special plaques will be awarded to all the winners.

Can I sponsor any of the events?
  • Each of the above events is open for sponsorship. Direct your inquiries to:

    1. infor@kilaf.org.ng
How do I know if my film qualifies for the festival?
  • The only way you can know about whether your film is eligible for this contest is when your movie has been assessed by the Preview Team of the festival you will be notified accordingly.

How do I register?
  • You can register by visiting entry submission link on the menu bar; Click the link below the description and submit your movie via film free way.

What are the events?
  • The events schedule are as follows:

    The Grand Opening Dinner is the welcome event scheduled for the evening of 23rd October, 2018 where all the KILAF 2018 attendees will be hosted to a dinner.

    The Workshop is scheduled to hold from 24th & 25th October, 2018 with the theme - Contextualizing African Indigenous Language Film: The Past, The Present and The Future. The lead paper, of the same title, will be delivered by a renowned scholar and the Vice Chancellor, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Professor Abdallah Uba Adamu. Also, papers will be presented by scholars from across the continent and beyond.

    The Master Classes: Two sessions will hold on 24th - 25th & 25th - 26th October, 2018 under the leadership of a film makers featuring some of their films.

    The Discussion Platform will be featuring eminent film makers and film stakeholders within the Master Classes on some selected topics relating to film making.

    The Exhibition of some selected films will commence from 23rd to 26th of October, 2018 at the Film House Cinema Theatres within Shoprite Complex of the Ado Bayero Mall in Kano. Question & Answer sessions with film makers in attendance will be arranged to enrich participants’ knowledge on the creative process of filmmaking.

    The Film Market will operate from 9am to 5pm (24th to 27th of October) at the Marhaba Event Centre where broadcasters, marketers, distributors and film content owners will meet to transact businesses. Equally, the forum will allow film makers to advertise their films and screen them for prospective clients.

    The African Kitchen is designed to offer opportunities for participants to eat lunch and dinner featuring variety of traditional snacks, foods and drinks. It is situated at the Marhaba Events Centre and will operate from 24th to 27th October by 10am to 8pm daily.

    Tourism Visitations is planned to be undertaken on the day before the Nominees’ Dinner (25th October). It will expose KILAF participants to the rich Kano Cultural Heritage that dates back over a thousand years. Participants will be taken round the ancient city of Kano to see the Kano City Walls & Gates, the famous Kurmi market that served the Sub-Saharan Trade era, the old and new Emir’s Palace (that is now about 500 years in existence), the twin hills of Dala and Goron Dutse.

    Networking Hub is the recurring opportunity all through the market and festival activities that enables the participants to meet and make new contacts that could invariably add value to their business and/or knowledge.

    The Nominees Dinner Night is for all those nominated for 2018 KILAF AWARDS and is scheduled for 26th October, 2018. The event will be hosted by the Chief Custodian of Kano Heritage, His Highness the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II. There is a strict dress code of African attires for this event.

    The Awards Night is to hold on 27th October, 2018 where the excellence and professionalism of African indigenous languages’ films and talents will be celebrated. Technical, artistic and lifetime achievements will be rewarded laced with entertainment and supported by creativity at its best for three hours (9pm – 12 mid-night). There is a strict dress code of African attires for this event.

What is the duration of the event?
  • The premier event is scheduled to hold from 23rd to 27th October, 2018.

What is the frequency of this event?
  • The event is planned to be annual.

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