Best Feature Film USD13, 500, Plaque/Certificate
Best Short Film USD7, 500, Plaque/Certificate
Best Documentary Film USD3, 500, Plaque/Certificate
Best Director (Feature) Plaque/Certificate
Best Screenplay (Feature) Plaque/Certificate
Best Culturally Inclined Film (Feature) – Jury Prize Plaque/Certificate
Special Jury Prize Plaque/Certificate
Best Actor (Feature) Plaque/Certificate
Best Actress (Feature) Plaque/Certificate
Best Art Direction (Feature) Plaque/Certificate
Lifetime Achievement (2) Plaque

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my film qualifies for the festival?

The only way you can know about whether your film is eligible for this contest is when your movie has been assessed by the Preview Team of the festival you will be notified accordingly.


The major stakeholders of this festival are African indigenous language filmmakers, exhibitors, distributors, academics, broadcasters, public and private sector.


You can register by visiting entry submission link on the menu bar; Click the link below the description and submit your movie via film free way.


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